A Message from Brian

"As a Canadian, I’m aware that the exchange rate for a Canadian purchasing something in US Dollars is a little punishing these days at a time when all costs are rising. We decided to do something about this removing this currency exchange barrier for my fellow Canadians, especially since this course was created in Canada. We are offering Canadians ‘at-par’ pricing for the Unlocking Your Songs course. If you are a Canadian, have a Canadian bank account and can pay via eTransfer you can pay for the course in Canadian dollars.

I hope this will encourage you, my fellow Canadian songwriters, to invest in your creative journey and the songs that are uniquely yours to write." - Brian 

Here's How It Works:

Here is what you need to know to be eligible for access to Canadian pricing of Unlocking Your Songs

  • Canadian Citizen

    If you have Canadian citizenship or living in Canada.

  • Canadian Bank Account

    If you are able to send an e-transfer to another Canadian account.

  • You're eligible!

    Congratulations! You're eligible for Canadian pricing of Unlocking Your Songs

How To Apply:

Contact us at [email protected] with your desire to register for the course and we will send you eTransfer instructions via email. Once we have received payment, we will issue you a specific coupon that you can use to register for the course.